3 Pounds Per Light: Advanced Nutrients Looks at High Yield Grow Operations

Yes, it’s a series of videos basically intended to promote thye Advanced Nutrients line of products, but the chance to look at a series of growing systems and grow rooms is still very interesting and valuable.

From the Youtube Description: ”
If you’re still just getting a pound per light, how would you like to TRIPLE that? If so, then just watch this video, copy what they’re doing and watch as you too start getting bigger, heavier yields! These growers are consistently getting 3+ pounds per light over a wide range of genetics by using a common way of growing—or industry secrets if you will—and they all frequent the Truckee Horticulture Center in Truckee, CA. What you’ll notice is that even as BigMike interviews different growers growing different strains in different grow rooms is they are all using a common set of grower guidelines. In short, they are all using the same industry secrets. Everything from the growing medium, to grow room setups, feeding schedules, environment, PPM and more is revealed in this video. “

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