CCA-GROWN Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol), Hempflower, and Hemp Products

The Cannabis College of America is leading the way in Hemp Farming, agronomy, and industry. We spent the summer and fall of 2019 in Pennsylvania farming legal hemp under the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, which made hemp and hemp products legal in all 50 states of the USA. And the CCA brought in a full harvest of CBD-rich hemp as our share of the project.

In a few weeks, we will be offering our very own CCA hemp and CBD products right here.

The CCA offers a specialized CBD Products Program focused on the farming, harvesting, drying, and processing of CBD hemp, and the making and marketing of cannabis hemp products.

Under the protection of the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 CBD and hemp flower smokables and other hemp products are completely legal for shipping, sale, and use in all 50 states.