Cannabis Seed Breeders Talk About What’s Hot for 2019, Protecting Genes from Corporate Patenting, Testing New Strains in the Market

Some of the owners of the top cannabis seed companies in North America get together to talk frankly and conversationally about what new strains they are creating, the process of cross-breeding cannabis and back-breeding hybrids, how some strains become trendy and then become classics (think Girl Scout Cookies), and many more topics.

It’s a fascinating look into the mysterious world of hybridization and strain creation.

They thank the people behind the open cannabis project for their work to protect the genes so that everyone can benefit from them and use them in breeding, reminding the assembled listeners that some corporations appear to be trying to seize control of critical genes that had been available to all when the plant was illegal, but now were at risk of hostile patenting and licensing.

The speakers are Kevin Jodrey, Nat Pennington of Humboldt Seed Co, Mean Gene from Mendocino of Freeborn Selections and Jason Mathys of Equilibrium Genetics. They reminisce about the appearance of strains in the past that were the result of freedom fighter breeders, and speculate about the new strains they expect to see in the next few years as the breeding industry settles into a new maturity.

They expect the industry to be demanding new characteristics such as mold resistance and heat resistance, the identification of ideal phenotypes ( the shapes and growth forms of the plants in various stages of the life cycle) to meet the new models of farming and production, and exotic terpenes and flavors.

All in all a very useful discussion for those who want to work in this industry in the future.

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