CCA Seminar Jan 18, 2020 – “How to Farm Hemp in 2020 Without Losing Your Shirt”

how to farm hemp in 2020 seminar

The first CCA event in 2020 is a 5 hour Saturday seminar packed with crucial knowledge taken from the many problems Farmers in Pennsylvania and neighboring states encountered during the first legal season of hemp agriculture under Federal Farm Bill 2018,  the just-finished summer and fall of 2019.

The seminar starts at noon and ends at 5 pm. Open House at N2Innovations is 1 1/2 hours before and after the seminar.

Hemp is an amazing plant.  Farm it properly and it grows like a weed, fast and tough, putting on height and weight faster than any other plant farmed by man.  But it has unique needs and problems. And particularly for the most profitable hemp crop,  which are the special varieties of hemp grown in a demanding technique to produce a high-value CBD medicinal extract, a lot can go wrong, and a lot DID go wrong in 2019.

CBD Hemp seed is expensive. Very expensive. And the CBD technique involves careful timing, human labor, specialized knowledge and experience, wise field choice, and smart farmers.

The rewards for success can be significant. Buyers made advance contracts for $50,000 an acre in 2019 to purchase CBD crops in 2019 from farmers with experience and a past record of success. You can’t expect this as a beginning hemp farmer, but, in order to become experienced, you have to begin.

It’s important to know that in 2019 a lot of farmers failed, and sometimes failed spectacularly.  Valuable hemp rotted in the field because farmers didn’t understand how to harvest it, dry it, and get it to buyers. There were significant problems getting good seed at the right time. Farmers who wanted to plant 100 acres and make windfall profits could only get seed for a few acres. Worse,  many farmers were ripped off by shady seed suppliers taking advantage of the pressure to get planted. The bad seedstock looked okay. But planting it brought a world of problems, more costs for the farmer, and in the end a worthless crop, or worse a crop that tested “hot”, that is, which contained too much THC, and which had to be destroyed as a result, after all that work.

You can avoid all of those problems by applying the key insights and information we will be teaching in this five hour seminar.

The seminar starts at noon and ends at 5 pm. Open House at N2Innovations is 1 1/2 hours before and after the seminar.

The seminar presenters will be Larry Nagle, Founder and President of the Cannabis College of American. Larry was the master grower for the N2Innovations hemp project involving five hemp fields on family farms in the Nittany Valley.

Protect yourself against likely and avoidable problems. Educate yourself about the paths to success and profits. Sign up for this seminar to reserve your space. As we have been talking with people over the phone and in the fields, demand for this seminar has been fierce.  We can’t be certain, but seats may sell out fast.

Information about lodging, local eateries, and tours of the N2Innovations facilities will be added soon.

Be aware that you WILL see many horse and buggy drivers on the roads in and around Belleville. Be careful driving, especially in the darkness, because you may not realize the lights you see ahead are on a buggy. The area around Belleville has both Amish and Mennonite communities. Many of the local Amish and Mennonite farmers have expressed a strong interest in farming hemp in 2020, so you can expect them to also be at this seminar.

Electronic credit card payments can be made here at N2Innovations.

Cannabis College of America spent the Summer and Fall Growing CBD Hemp in Pennsylvania!

Cannabis College of America Growing Hemp in Pennsylvania

Sometimes the Universe and the Good Lord offers you an opportunity so stunning that everything else in life must be set aside to follow that offered path. That was the case for The Cannabis College of America in 2019. We were asked to participate and in fact serve as the Master Grower for a Farm Bill 2018 legal hemp planting project near Penn State University. So we traveled north and spent the summer in the Ridge and Valley region and the famous Nittany Valley, growing CBD hemp in Pennsylvania.

What an adventure! Take a look at some of my photos and consider what we were able to accomplish with a great idea – contracts with local family farmers – and the knowledge and skills and practical experience that make the Cannabis College of America such an exceptional source of training and education in the cannabis hemp industry.

We had such a successful year growing CBD hemp in Pennsylvania that the CCA was asked to collaborate with N2Innovations in operating a branch of the Cannabis College of America in their Belleville Pa Hemp Drying Storage and Extraction facility. In a few days we will be posting more photos and descriptions of the seminar and class schedules for this spring. First seminar to be held January 18, 2020 at:

354 New Holland Dr.
Belleville, Pa 17004
(814) 218-2804

Welcome to Cannabis Production, the breakout industry of the 21st Century

Few new industries have ever had the jobs and profit potential of cannabis cultivation, cannabis products manufacture, and cannabis marketing and wholesale and retail selling.

It will be an industry with profits ultimately in the hundreds of billions a year.  The biggest agricultural sector of them all. This plant is a miracle of nature, a cornucopia of pleasures and medicines and practical and useful products.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it may, directly and indirectly, save the nation and the planet. It’s potential is that great.

And you can get involved in that huge future industry now, with an education at the Cannabis College of America.

You may be thinking, “I’ve heard that the suits with money and expertise in legal bribery and backroom deals are planning to carve up the cannabis industry for themselves. What’s the point of my trying to get into it?”

It’s true, There will be big corporate intrusions into the cannabis industry from older industries. The ones that used to control all the legal drug manufacturing and selling and profits, and control the people’s access to pleasure and relaxation. They will try to take all of the cannabis profits for themselves. They will get some. But they will dramatically fail to get the death grip and stranglehold that they anticipate.

Why? Because of the complex nature of the cannabis plant, and the sophisticated and complex ways that cannabis consumers will choose to use and enjoy the plant.

There is an industry which is a good analogy to the rising star of cannabis; we suggest it be seen as an example of how small cannabis companies will fare and thrive..


Yes, there are big companies that try to dominate the wine selling marketplace. They take the harvests from many vineyards and blend together standardized wines at a low price. And the wines are okay. If you like your wine in a box.

And in the wine industry there is also plenty of room for many new small vineyards and wineries to grow and bottle a product that is to the standardized wines of Big Wine what fresh heirloom tomatoes are to the plastic wrapped vaguely reddish and vaguely flavored  tomatoes picked green and gassed to ripen to go along with that iceberg lettuce salad.

It’s the difference between gourmet and grocery store. The more Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco and Big Pharma try to take over and dominate the cannabis industries, the more opportunity they will create for the small businessperson offering a gourmet and boutique product at a higher price and in specialty forms.  Cannabis inherently resists being turned into a standardized product.

This is not to say that there is no hurry to get involved.. If you want to have the most choices, and the best shot at a truly adventurous and profitable career in cannabis, the sooner you start, the better. And the better your education and experience, the more success you will have.

Which is why the Cannabis College of America was formed. There are only a few places in the country offering a good education in cannabis cultivation and farming, cannabis processing and handling, and cannabis products manufacturing.  We intend to bring into the field educators with proven experience and abilities. And we will ask those experts to teach you intensively, and to demand excellence from you, and to test you to be sure that you have attained the levels of skill that the industry needs.

Our certifications will be clearly detailed, objectively tracked and measured,, and rigorously proven to have been legitimately earned by our students.

A CCA Certificate of Achievement will be a hard and incontrovertible proof of your ability, and you will be taken seriously when you have one on your wall.