Cannabis College of America Classes & Policies

Producing Competency Tested
Industry Ready Professionals

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish a genuine educational institute dedicated to producing the finest product possible, our Graduates! Our top priority after graduation is the placement of our graduates directly into the already demanding and highly competitive Cannabis Industry. We at CCA feel that our placement service will be an invaluable tool to establish our graduates as Competency tested, industry ready professionals! The ability and the work ethic‘s that our students will display in the workforce will serve as a testimonial to the quality of education that we provide!

Fulfilling Our Student’s Needs

Our curriculum and the courses we offer at CCA are built around fulfilling our students needs and requirements. Whether you’re ambition is to work in processing, marketing, dispensing of cannabis products or to become a master grower and breeder of world renown. The Cannabis College of America is where to start!

Our network of industry partners and our ongoing in-house research keep us abreast of the latest technology available in the industry today.

The Standard Operating Procedures you will learn will give you the confidence and know how that you’ll need to succeed in whatever specialty you focus on from day one.

Our Course Catalog covers basically every aspect of the plant. From species selection, cooking with, extraction of concentrates, preparation of ointments through legal aspects both federal and state and everything in between.

No matter what your concentration of study is we have the answers that you’re looking for. A few thousand dollars properly spent on education can save you tens of thousands in embarrassment, wasted time, product and reputation, especially in this groundbreaking industry!

Our Core Program Objectives

To teach students the fundamental principles and techniques required to become an entry-level technician in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. This is the core classes of our program and required of all students as a prerequisite to more advanced and specialty classes. This is a comprehensive six week program, beginning with the history of cannabis and finishing with a well rounded understanding of the Plant and the cannabis industry in general. The course offers sufficient training to begin work as an expert bud tender, base technician or apprentice in a large commercial grow. Our secondary specialty programs give you the hands-on experience and skill set necessary for more advanced industry placement and managerial positions!

Cost Analysis & Curriculum

Compared to career training taught at other technical Institutes, the Cannabis College of America definitely gives you the highest earnings potential for initial investment of your educational dollar. Our courses and campuses are structured around the most efficient methods of information delivery. Both our Core Program and advanced Specialty classes consist of 36 contact hours each. Class schedules are configured to allow the courses to be completed over a six week period, three hours per day two days per week. Our class scheduling system allows easy integration of your schooling into your existing work schedule, even if you work odd hour shifts.

Classes are offered from 8AM till 8PM daily, Monday through Friday. Saturday mornings 8AM till noon! Our labs are a Sea of Green, plants of the Cannabaceae genetic family (Cannabis Sativa and Indica in states where already legal, Common Hops also of the Cannabaceae genetic family) in states where cannabis is still prohibited. These planting’s are maintained in all stages of growth, from cuttings and seedlings through covered with buds and ready for harvest. Labs are housed in the classrooms for visual reference during lectures giving complete and total understanding of all subject matter.

Course Catalog

Class Title Canna Pro 6 Week Program Canna Pro 2 Day Seminar Canna Master 6 Week Program Canna Master 2 Day Seminar
Legal 101: Federal & State X X
Horticulture 101 X X
Horticulture 102 X X
History of Cannabis X
Cooking with Cannabis X X
Extracts & Vaporization X X
Topical Applications X
Science of Cannabis X X
Economics 101 X
Advocacy X X
Budtender & Patients X
Procurement & Allocation X


Class Title Canna Pro 6 Week Program Canna Pro 2 Day Seminar Canna Master 6 Week Program Canna Master 2 Day Seminar
Dispensary & Business X X
Business Management X
Cannabusiness 102 X
Intellectual Property X
Civics 101 X
Seeds & Cuttings X X
Vegetative Growth X X
Mediums X
Nutrients & PH X X
Irrigation Methods X X
Early Flowering X
Ventilation X X
Plant Propagation X

Course Catalog

Class Title Canna Pro 6 Week Program Canna Pro 2 Day Seminar Canna Master 6 Week Program Canna Master 2 Day Seminar
Optimum Growth X

Life Cycle
Lighting X X
Nutrient Disorders X
Pests & Pathogens X X
Organic Gardening X
Sprays & Drenches X X
Carbon Dioxide X
Late Flowering X X
Harvesting Strategies X
Drying, Manicuring, & Curing X X
Class Title Canna Pro 6 Week Program Canna Pro 2 Day Seminar Canna Master 6 Week Program Canna Master 2 Day Seminar
Seedlings: Transplanting & Topping X
Nutrients & PH Mixing & Adjusting X
Mothers & Cuttings X
Demonstration: Lighting X X
Demonstration: Vegetative Growth X X
Demonstration: Mediums X X
Demonstration: Ways to Water X X
Demonstration: Late Flowering X X
Demonstration: Nutrient Disorder X X

Course Costs

Programs & Seminars1 Course Length Contact Hours Cost per Contact Hour

Canna Pro Classic 6 Weeks 36 $35.97 $1,295.00
Canna Pro Seminar 2 Days 6 $49.83 $299.00
Canna Master Classic 6 Weeks 36 $44.31 $1,595.00
Canna Master Seminar 2 Days 8 $49.88 $399.00
  • Student/Instructor Ratio:
  • 6 Week Programs Max 10 Students per Class or Instructor
  • 2 Day Seminars Maximum 5 Students per Class or Instructor

Appearance. Please Dress for Success.

The Cannabis College of America appearance policy is designed to promote professionalism and safety, and to prepare students for successful permanent employment in the cannabis industry.

1) Students are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times as determined at the discretion of the Institute and the instructors.

2) No radical haircuts that demonstrate a disregard for professionalism. As an example, styles that obstruct vision or interfere with safety and productivity will not be allowed.

3) Clothing must be neat, clean, shirts tucked in, pants worn at waist with belts securing them. You are becoming a trained professional in an important industry.

Student behavior reflects not only on themselves, but also reflects on the Cannabis College of America. Because this Institute’s reputation is integral to our student’s success, your observance of and compliance with the Institute’s regulations are mandatory. Penalties for violation of these include point deductions from lab participation grades, interruption and/or termination from our Institution!.