AGRO 315W CDL Fixture & Bulb – Twice as efficient as HPS

$659.99 $549.00

“One of the Best Horti-Lights Available Today”
-High Times

Revolutionize your grow and increase your yield to 2 grams per watt with CCA’s select Ceramic Metal Halide Growlights.

Twice as Efficient as High Pressure Sodium.

Pays back their coist in one crow cycle.

Reduced Energy Costs overall.

120V AC system, ready to daisychain for quick installation without an electrician, even for large grows.

Runs very cool, cooler than LEDs, so much less air conditioning and fan ventilation is required, which also conserves CO2. Ideal for tight spaces and ideal for larger grows with multiple fixtures. Easier to install and operate, no fan ducts to connect and hang



315W CDL Agro is made by Philips Lighting, belongs to the ceramic discharge lamp (CMH) family, also known as CDM and LEC. The 2011 Progress Report by Illuminating Engineering Society of America (IES) stated as follows:

“Philips Lighting introduces MasterColor CDM Elite Agro 315-W T12 metal halide lamps for horticulture market. These lamps reported to support  excellent Photosynthetic Photon Flux or PPF with a value of 1.9 micromole per
second which is comparable to 600W high-pressure sodium.”

Boulderlamp, Inc (BLI) integrates the Philips 315W agro lamp with electronic gear, light fixture, and optics into each product providing the most efficient and reliable grow light.


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