The CCA Basic Grow Tent Package w/T5 Lighting

$510.00 $339.00

The perfect gear for the starting student.  The Basic Grow Tent can be used  to study, experiment, and test all stages of growth, from seed starting to final flowering.

This package will last many seasons and can be used for many critical tasks in the growing process. Using cool but intense High Intensity T5 flourescent tubes, the most efficient flouesecent lighting possible, the CCA Basic is inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to operate, but strong enough for real work. It will be an enduring asset for anyone entering the cannabis industry, with a solid return on the initial investment.

In fact, a CCA Basic owner will recoup their initial expenditure in 2 to 4 months. Given the tents expected 10 year life, it should give it’s owner a lifetime profit of 5000% or more.



Secret Jardin Darkstreet 3.0  47”x47”x73”

The Secret Jardin DARKSTREET 3.0 DS120 grow tent features quality construction with a steel frame, the best reflective Mylar and tear-proof canvas. With socks and windows for ventilation and cables, the DS120 is designed to accommodate all equipment and configurations. A removable water tray reduces wear to the tent floor. DS120 includes CableIT, StrapIT, HookIT, and PocketIT accessories.

Pioneer 4’x4′ x 8 T5 Tubes 

A trailblazer in fluorescent garden lighting, the 4-foot Pioneer T5 Grow Fixture features an innovative wide-dispersion reflector to extend light coverage and help achieve impressive yields. The Pioneer is linkable via a built-in 120-volt receptacle, and integrated hanging hardware allows overhead or vertical setup. Vented heavy-duty steel housing keeps running temps low for component longevity. The Pioneer 8-tube fluorescent fixture includes eight 4-foot, 6,500-kelvin VitaLUME 54-watt high-output fluorescent tubes best suited for supplemental or vegetative lighting applications. Pioneer’s elite features don’t end at high performance—textured powder coating gives the fixture an attractive finish. This ETL-listed 120-volt unit includes a five-year warranty and measures 46.77 inches by 25.75 inches by 2.38 inches. Initial output is 40,000 lumens.

CocoTek 1.5 cu ft w/perlite

CocoTek® PX is pre-mixed with just the right amount of pre-treated coir and perlite to provide aeration and optimum moisture retention. Ready to use right out of the bag, simply fill a container, plant, feed and get growing.

Blueprint digital timer

Rely on the single-output Blueprint Controllers® Digital Timer, BDT-1 to keep any 120-volt appliance running on schedule. This digital timer is fully grounded, accurate to the second and 24-hour programmable for every day of the week. It can be programmed with up to eight different on/off cycles per day with a minimum cycle of one minute and a maximum of seven days. The UL-listed digital timer handles 15 amps and 1,725 watts, and it comes complete with alarm and clock, a clear LCD readout and a one-year warranty. It also includes an NiMH battery that recharges automatically when the unit is plugged in.



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