The Cannabis College of America

The Cannabis College of America has the mission of providing training and experience in all aspects of the rapidly expanding Cannabis Industry, and awarding certification and diplomas to our graduates based on a very high standard of student performance metrics.

The CCA programs are demanding and rigorous and our performance standards are openly published,  with the result that CCA diplomas and certifications are genuinely reflective of the skill levels demanded by employers and the Cannabis Industry.

The Cannabis College of America is recently formed and classes and instructors and facilities are now in the process of being organized and readied for enrollments.

If you would like to receive news and updates, and announcements of classes and events, you are invited to join the CCA Mailing List.


Growing premium Medical Cannabis with Ceramic Metal Halide lights and a Coco-Perlite Mix

A very useful tour of a medical cannabis grow room in Colorado, which takes a look at every piece of equipment used in the room, from the trays that support the plants, to the Ceramic Metal Halide light systems, to the air conditioning and heating setup, to the watering and feeding systems. A very useful …

Lost forever? The original Skunk #1 and Mendo Purps – does anyone still have those genes? Cannabis Strain Stories.

Is it possible that someone still has the original Skunk#1 or Mendo Purp genes? Or any of the old and original genelines that no longer exist in their pure and original strains? If you have them, or can find them, they could be worth a lot as breeding stock and would make you famous as …

Cannabis Seed Breeders Talk About What’s Hot for 2019, Protecting Genes from Corporate Patenting, Testing New Strains in the Market

Some of the owners of the top cannabis seed companies in North America get together to talk frankly and conversationally about what new strains they are creating, the process of cross-breeding cannabis and back-breeding hybrids, how some strains become trendy and then become classics (think Girl Scout Cookies), and many more topics. It’s a fascinating …

CCA Selected and Certified Equipment and Supplies

The Cannabis College of America is partnering with respected manufacturers and wholesalers to provide tested and high-quality lights and light tents, ventilation systems,   hydroponic and soil grow systems, nutrients, timing and environmental control systems, and other supplies important to growers and processors in the Cannabis Industry.

CCA Students are able to purchase equipment at a discounted rate with their Student ID Number.

The first CCA Selected and Certified Equipment packages will soon be available for purchase by the general public.


CBD (Cannabidiol) Products

The Cannabis College of America offers a specialized CBD Products Program focused on the making and marketing of cannabis products based on the anti-inflammatory benefits of the cannabidiol molecule which is produced during growth by the marvelous cannabis plant.

CBD is currently legal for shipping, sale, and use in all 50 states, although some regional variations may apply.

We create and offer a line of CCA Branded CBD products available to the general public.